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On 16 October 2018 #PowerCoordinationEurope 2018 gathered high-level policy makers, experts, academia, thought leaders and the TSO and RSC community on a European, regional and national level, keen to learn and to deliver best services to European citizens. Plenary and breakout sessions explored the concept of regional coordination and discussed the way-ahead towards the next decade. The partners for the event included The Florence School of Regulation and The Energy Post.

About #PowerCoordinationEurope

To streamline their coordination, European transmission system operators (TSOs) started in the early 2000s to establish regional security coordinators (RSCs). These provide TSOs with coordinated services in operations, market and planning. The European Network Codes registered RSCs in European law. Coordination of TSOs notably through RSCs is part of the ongoing discussions on a new set of European directives & regulations – The Clean Energy For All Europeans’ Package. It will most probably continue to be a focus for European institutions even after 2019.

Every year, one of the five regional security coordinators (RSCs) and ENTSO-E are organising a regional electricity summit in Europe. The #PowerCoordinationEurope (formerly called ElSec) conference series was successfully launched in Munich with TSCNET. This year’s event is set up with Coreso in Brussels. The focus areas include:

  • advancement of regional power coordination,
  • network code implementation, interoperability of RSCs and solutions for tomorrow;
  • state of play of the Clean Energy Package and the changes it will bring across; electricity security and contemporary challenges, like cybersecurity.