• Registration / welcome drinks


  • Regional Cooperation paving the way to the next decade

    Welcome by Jean-François GAHUNGU, CEO, CORESO

    Keynote speeches will focus on how the Clean Energy package will pave the way to the next decade: how to match climate agenda, more renewables, digitalization, increased cross-border flows and enhanced power system security? What are the contributions of the TSOs & RSCs to this agenda?

    Miguel ARIAS CAÑETE, European Commissioner for Energy, ‘The future of European regional cooperation, the Clean Energy Package and beyond’

    Olivier GRABETTE, Member of the Board, RTE

    Dr. Michael LOSCH, Director General for Energy and Mining, Austrian Federal Ministry for sustainability and tourism

    Ben VOORHORST, President, ENTSO-E


  • A journey across Europe: RSC services and regional specificities

    The System Operation Guideline is in place, and five Regional Security Coordinators are established, implementing five streamlined tasks. How to take regional specificities into account while ensuring the needed level of interoperability between the RSCs?

    Panel discussion:

    Uwe ZIMMERMANN, Managing Director, TSCNET Services GmbH

    Louise NØRRING, Business Analyst, Nordic RSC (Energinet)

    Duško TUBIĆ, Director, SCC, South Eastern Europe RSC

    Märt ALLIKA, Head of Centre, Baltic RSC (Elering)

    Jan VAN ROOST, Chief Operating Officer, Coreso

    Moderator: Sonya TWOHIG, Head of Operations, ENTSO-E


  • Coffee break


  • Power coordination in Europe: past, present and future

    This session focuses on describing and challenging the current state of play of TSO cooperation. It will deep dive into the everyday life of an RSC and discuss some examples, like the draught & solar eclipse in 2015, the cold spell in early 2017 or frequency deviations: who does what in such situations?

    Keynote speech: Joachim VANZETTA, Chair of the System Operations Committee, ENTSO-E (Amprion)

    Panel discussion:

    Michel KOLLY, Head of Cross-commodity Trading & Origination, Alpiq

    Kamilla CSOMAI, CEO, Mavir

    Jens MØLLER BIRKEBÆK, Manager, Nordic RSC

    Joachim VANZETTA, Chair of the System Operations Committee, ENTSO-E (Amprion)

    Yolanda GARCÍA MEZQUITA, Policy Officer Security of supply, European Commission

    Moderator: Georg ZACHMANN, Senior Fellow, Bruegel


  • Security of operations and market issues, two sides of a coin?

    This session focuses on the markets- and operations link. What is the role of RSCs notably in capacity calculation? What rules to put in place to ensure market functioning, maintain Europe’s exceptionally high level of security of supply and integrate more renewables.

    Keynote speech by Oliver KOCH, DG ENER European Commission

    Panel discussion:

    Christophe GENCE-CREUX, Head of the Electricity Department, ACER

    Konrad PURCHALA, Chair Markets Committee, ENTSO-E (PSE)

    Aurelie BEAUVAIS, Policy Director, Solar Power Europe

    Vera BRENZEL, Head of Political Affairs, E.ON

    Oliver KOCH, DG ENER European Commission

    Moderator: Pascale FONCK, Vice Chair of the Board, ENTSO-E and Member of the Board of Coreso (Elia)


  • Networking lunch and exhibition


  • Which new services for whom?

    RSCs are developing a detailed knowledge of the power system at the regional level and are already performing assessments. What could be the options for the future?

    ‘Parliament’ with

    Tahir KAPETANOVIC, Head of National Control Centre, APG

    Danny KLAAR, Manager System Operations - International Development, TenneT NL

    Sonya TWOHIG, Head of Operations, ENTSO-E

  • Digital: enabling power coordination

    This session discusses why ITC solutions, and in particular the modelisation of the grid (European Common Grid Model), are paramount to regional power coordination. Cybersecurity challenges and answers will be part of the discussion.

    Introduction: Jean-Michel GLACHANT, Director, Florence School of Regulation


    Laurent SCHMITT, Secretary-General, ENTSO-E

    Maik NEUBAUER, Managing Director, TSCNET GmbH

    Frauke THIES, Executive Director, SmartEn

  • RSCs and innovation

    Innovation is not only about new technology, but also about business models and processes. RSC are themselves test labs of new common solutions of the TSO, training next generation staff, testing and applying solutions. This breakout session will centre around innovation support needed for RSCs.

    ‘World cafe’ with:

    Guido GUIDA, Chair of the Research, Development and Innovation Committee, ENTSO-E (Terna)

    Cécile PELLEGRIN, Head of Service Development, Coreso

    Alexander VAN DER MARK, Partner, Magnus

  • The future of RSCs

    History shows that coordination between TSOs is necessary and crucial. Soon, full implementation of the five mandatory tasks will also be a key for success. This is not a revolution but instead an evolution towards enhanced cooperation. But what will come next? What are the expectations from shareholders? Are we ambitious enough?

    ‘World cafe’ with:

    Maria Eugenia LEOZ MARTIN-CASALLO, Policy Officer, DG ENER

    Susanne NIES, Strategy and Communication Manager, ENTSO-E


  • Coffee Break


  • Wrap up morning & breakout session results

    Fintan SLYE, Director UK System Operator, National Grid


  • Regional cooperation 2019 and beyond

    Jean-François GAHUNGU, CEO, Coreso and Laurent SCHMITT, Secretary-General, ENTSO-E

    Followed by a networking cocktail to celebrate 10 years of cooperation

    TSCNET and CORESO as TSO cooperation founders